I am retired and spend most of my time playing golf. I have also become quite addicted to online money making opportunities. I have found a new program that is just starting to explode and I would like some feed back.

Location: Davisville, West Virginia, United States

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


My name is Jim.

I am a retired old guy who loves to play golf and take risks. In recent years, I have been looking at various online earning programs just for fun and looking to make a buck. I have to admit that I have become some what addicted to chasing internet opportunites.

Earning money online has proven to be both challenging and educational. I have a program that I would like some feed back on. It's called In30days. It's a variation of the Old PayPal chain letter but it is automated and seemingly cheat proof. When I viewed the traffic statistics on the Alexa tool bar, I saw that it was a new program and it was just taking off. The start up cost was minimal so I took a shot.

If you know or have heard about this program tell me what you think.